Fall 2016 Cumulative Essay Instructions

**Final essay due: December 13, 2016 at 12:15 pm on Blackboard**

Thesis Statement due November 13, 2016 on Blackboard

Outline with Bibliography due December 1, 2016 on Blackboard

Directions: In this 5-7 page essay, answer ONE of the four thematic questions from our course syllabus. You are required to use at least TWO secondary sources and at least TWO primary sources to support your argument. Any secondary internet sources from outside of class (except peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles) must be approved by the professor BEFORE the due date. Be sure to support your analysis with detailed examples from world history.

Theme I: What factors affected the wealth and power of different global regions?

Theme II: How do the relationships between states and people differ in various historical contexts, and why?

Theme III: How do the forces of war, consumerism, and empire shape the modern world?

Theme IV: What role (s) do nations play in a global world?

Expectations: Essays should be 5-7 pages, use 12pt Times New Roman font, and be double-spaced with 1” margins. Bibliography and page numbers are required. All sources must be cited using the Chicago Manual of Style (footnote/bibliography).

Grading: Essays will be graded on your ability to follow the directions above as well as formatting and organization. See the rubric. This includes using the proper formatting for Chicago Style Footnotes. Be sure that you construct a clear, concise argument that demonstrates the importance of your chosen theme for world history. Use campus resources like the Writing Center (all semesters), History Resource Center (Fall & Spring Semesters only) or see your instructor(s) for help. Late papers will be penalized ½ letter grade per day late.

Author: Shelley Rose

Dr. Rose is an Associate Professor and Director of Social Studies for the History Department at Cleveland State University. Tweet her @shelleyerose