Novel Project


Each student will complete a project on the partition of India in 1947. Your project should be based on Bapsi Sidhwa’s novel, Cracking India, and the final product may take the form of a 15-20 minute podcast, (auto)biographical historical fiction, an online museum exhibit, or a lesson plan. You can review the project rubric here.  Group projects will be permitted ONLY with pre-approval by the instructor. In the case of group projects, each student will receive his or her own grade and is responsible for making his or her contributions to the project clear to the instructor.

Project Schedule:

1) Declare your topic and product for the project on Blackboard by September 20.

2) Turn in an outline of your project on Blackboard in by October 20, 2016. This should be a full outline with references for all information and a tentative Chicago Style bibliography of sources. 

3) Post your project on Blackboard and share your project with the class via our Tackk discussion board during Module 10 (Fall deadline December 1, 2016)

4) On the discussion board, give constructive feedback to at least one of your classmates on his or her project.

Grading: You will be graded your ability to analyze Cracking India and understand its historical context, as well as your use of Chicago Style Citations. Refer to this rubric for detailed grading information.